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Online message boards and forums are a great way to socialize and learn.They are also a neat way to promote your blog.There are forums devoted to almost every topic, and with very little research you are sure to find an active community of people interested in the subject matter of your blog.They can be a great place to interact, to refine ideas that may later become staples of your blog, and to enjoy yourse

Most forums allow participants to have a SIGNATURE attached to their comments. A signature usually consists of a name and a few lines of additional information about the commenter.These signatures can be a great way to let the world know about your

The term SIGGING refers to using your forum signature as a promotional tool.



One can write articles from scratch on topics related to their blog subject or they can produce articles based on posts already placed on the blog.

In order to avoid any potential risk of a duplicate content penalty from Google or other search engines, it is generally a good idea to produce an article that is not merely a word-by-word reproduction of an existing post.The risk of experiencing problems is minimal and could only occur in some fairly specific circumstances, but the ease with which a post can be modified while turning it into an article is slight enough to justify a little extra care.

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Remember, although the articles will serve as a form of advertisement for your blog, they should be informative and compelling pieces, not just a direct pitch for visitors to stop by:ideally, your article will serve to show off some of your better writing and insight and will persuade readers to take a look at what else you have to offer.Well-written pieces are also more likely to be nabbed by webmasters on the hunt for free content.

Ideally, articles used for this strategy should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to 700 words.



What produces traffic? What is it about some websites that makes them popular destinations for a huge number of visitors? Why are some blogs checked out by tens of thousands of people every day while others struggle to find a single visitor? The issue of traffic can be complicated.There are a variety of factors at play, and every strategy can be dissected and the details debated ad infinitum.

However, there are two keys upon which everyone can agree: content and links.Before briefly looking at each of these,we should establish some context for our evaluation.Traffic can come from a few different places.Direct links to your site may produce a stream of visitors if those links are in the right places.Search engines,however,offer the real key to high volume traffic numbers.Surfers rely on Google,Yahoo,Msn to help them find the sites that will provide them the kind of information they are seeking.If your blog comes up early in those search engine results,you can expect a significant stream of traffic.

content is essential to traffic flow.

You have to offer something that makes your site worth visiting.Content creates repeat visitors,increasetheir stay,encourages word-of-mouth type promotion and assists in improving a blog standing with the search engines.

Every link can conceivably serve a traffic producer.If someone finds a link to your blog on another site,they are only one mouse-click away from being part of your traffic.Search engines also assess the number and quality of links to your blog.They regard sites that are linked to frequently as authotitative and reward them with higher placement in search engines results.

So, if you want traffic to your blog,you need to do two things:provide content and acquire links.The end result should be higher traffic numbers for your blog.


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